Dear friends

 Dear friends,




Competition exists every minute in every industry. If an enterprise cannot keep up with the society, it will end up closing down. Only we are dedicated to our career, can we create a peak.

Excellent talents, we look forward to you joining us:

From all corners of the country, let’s join in Shi Nuo technology;

Work happily and dedicate wholeheartedly

Let’s create a Shi Nuo miracle with brilliant smiles, concentrated heart, dedicated attitude, and happy mood

As the IC industry leader

We, all members of Shi Nuo Company

Enrich confidence through trials and hardship

Create a colorful life thorough struggling and hard work

Hand in hand, Shi Nuo

The good future needs your fiery passion.

Common brilliance needs us to create together

The steady mind keeps Shi Nuo going along

Enterprise talent development strategy

The company is a big family and you will be an indispensable part. The most basic position is the foundation and your efforts will make it more solid. The leadership will lead us a better future, and realize our common dream.