Aptina, a leading innovator of CMOS imaging technology. 1990, Photobit company makes CMOS image sensors commercialized. After the early success of the product, was acquired in 2001 Photobit Micron, Micron image sensor business to continue to grow to over 500 million US dollars in annual sales. Micron’s image sensor division in 2008 renamed Aptina, in 2009 from Micron Aptina spun off and became an independent company. The main shareholder is now Micron and two private equity funds, the company has over 700 employees worldwide, headquartered in San Jose, California, and in China, China Taiwan, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, Singapore and the United Kingdom provided There are offices. Semiconductor company acquired in August 19, 2014 by. Aptina image sensor technology with unique innovations, such as Aptina Clarity + ™, etc., to provide high-quality images in a strict environment rich. Aptina’s patented image program for smart phones, tablet PCs, game consoles, wearable devices and digital cameras and other leading consumer electronic devices, and automotive, security monitoring, video conference, scanning and medical applications such as embedded and industrial Program. May 2014, Aptina announced the establishment of a strong strategic partnership with LFoundry, LFoundry in Micron will acquire a semiconductor manufacturing plant continued to produce CMOS image sensor in Avezzano, Italy. LFoundry brings a wealth of special equipment firm idea of ​​OEM experience and customer-oriented, in order to consolidate the long-term technical cooperation between Avezzano factories and Aptina. In August 2014, a global provider of intelligent imaging solutions, Aptina is mass ASX344AT SoC for reversing camera solutions. ASX344AT built-in image processing functions, providing 180-degree viewing angle, and have a powerful image recovery function. ASX344AT is a full-featured, powerful car reversing camera imaging solutions, by the image processing functions and image sensor technologies into a single solution, customers will be able to shorten their time to market, lower total system cost. August 2014, Aptina has completed Micron Technology, Inc. (Micron Technology, Inc) CFA (color filter array) processing and imaging sensors to acquire the assets. After the completion of the acquisition, Aptina will be in Idaho (Idaho) Nampa City (Nampa) operate a manufacturing plant. The asset acquisition, so Aptina can shorten its entire research and innovation cycle. With internal CFA processing and development, Aptina will speed customized products to meet the mobile, automotive, consumer, and industrial markets monitoring specific customer needs. In addition, the integrated imaging sensor function will Aptina expand product size, and speed to market