awinic established in June 2008 in Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Development Zone. Ai electronic products targeted at the fast-growing field of electronic information, focusing on a variety of analog and mixed analog-digital IC design, to mobile phones and other portable equipment, mainly to provide a comprehensive analog and mixed IC. Continue to break, start small, to become China’s domestic and global leader in digital-analog hybrid chip preeminent supplier responsibility. The company currently employs more than 90 people, and is rapidly growing. The vast majority of employees have many years of experience, and together with the run for many years. The company’s core staff has many years of strong management and technical precipitation, has a technology and accurate market positioning capability starting point. The main technical backbone from 97 started in simulation in Shenzhen Huawei Technologies Co., mixed chip design and development, mastered the whole process research and development experience, and with mass production project management capabilities. As a fabless chip design company, we offer the products of all outsourcing commission processing methods, the supplier mainly SMIC (SMIC), Suzhou and ship, Chengdu-core (Unisem), Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology and length advanced electric and other international and domestic well-known manufacturers. In order to ensure the best quality of quality, we have implemented strict quality control process of outsourcing production, in December 2009, the company passed ISO9001: SGS 2008 quality management system certification.