Founded in 1950, TAIYO YUDEN has created foundations for advancement through efforts to develop and mass produce state-of-the-art products that meet the most current needs of our customers and the markets we serve. Our first products were titanium-oxide ceramic capacitors. Today, we conduct R&D, production and supply activities for a multitude of high technology electronic components. Our product offerings include capacitors, inductors, circuit modules and FBAR/SAW devices. These products support markets in information technology and electronics industries throughout the world and provide top-level quality and the most sophisticated electronic component solutions to these markets. Our management philosophy focuses on "employee well-being," "betterment of local communities" and "responsibility to provide returns to shareholders." To achieve these objectives, we strive to ensure an ongoing supply of products to our customers worldwide at a guaranteed level of quality that meets the highest level of technology to drive enduring and stable corporate advancement. We always aim to be a trusted partner through further strengthening relationships with all of our stakeholders.