Since its founding in 1955, TOKO has made significant contributions to the electronic industry. We are an electronic component specialist and have always been a market leader. Specifically, for our core business of coil-related products, we have established development, production, and sales processes to satisfy our global customers and have continued to make technological advancements. There is an urgent need today to balance economic development with global environmental conservation. Under these circumstances, we continue to tackle challenges facing us and are focused on developing and providing highly efficient products that conserve resources for the next generation. We are also firmly committed to improving customer satisfaction and strive to do absolutely everything we can for our customers in order to deliver products that bring them value under all circumstances. We will further accelerate collaboration with Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in order to expand sales by utilizing Murata’s sales network and will strategically develop new products and businesses through the use of marketing information. Simultaneously, by applying Murata’s manufacturing technologies, we will step up our efforts to reduce costs and achieve a variety of process improvements in our core business. Specifically, to enhance manufacturing performance, we will use our proprietary coil winding, bonding and molding technologies in combination with Murata’s automation technologies and process improvement competencies. This joint effort will strengthen our general manufacturing capabilities and our system for mass-producing commodity products. Through these efforts, we will increase production speed, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality. With our characteristics and strengths, including the experience, knowledge and know-how we have acquired over the years, and our collaboration with Murata, we remain committed in our efforts to become a business partner that can be trusted by all customers. In order to continue to be an essential company for our customers and society as a whole, we value CSR activities and work to employ sound business practices. We want to contribute as much as we can to achieving a bright, prosperous future for all those that support us.