SIM Technology Group Limited (“SIM Technology”) is the leading mobile communication and Internet of Things developer in China, providing ODM services for worldwide mobile handsets and terminals as well as providing most wireless communication modules and Internet of Things solutions. SIM Technology was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June, 2005 (stock code: 2000.HK) and since 2006, it has led the mobile handset design industry in revenue and on the stock market. SIM Technology has its R&D and operation headquarters in Shanghai, with 4,000 employees. A report by ABI Research shows that, in terms of market share, SIM Technology is chiefly leading the market of wireless communication module products of the Internet of Things in China, and secondarily leading in the world, with customers across 80 countries and areas. To further develop the Internet of Things business, SIM Technology is driving the perception and application levels of the Internet of Things, leveraging its superiority on the network level, and accelerating the exploration of the business of BeiDou position and smart cell of the Internet of Things. In 2008, SIM Technology was awarded as a “Top 50 global emerging-market enterprise” by Boston, the world’s leading consulting firm. As one of the 15 selected Chinese enterprises, SIM Technology is considered as the outstanding representative of the national enterprises taking the lead in the local market through its innovative business mode and leading technology.