Miao Zhen Co., Ltd was established in 2010, is a professional technology, innovative integrated circuit solutions provider. Now the American SITIME in the Greater China region authorized level agents, SITIME in the Greater China region sample center, silicon crystal small batch customization center, ADUM magnetic isolation technique to solve solution provider. In 2010, began to promotion ADUM magnetic isolation of the products, has so far served tens of thousands of customers by the recognition of the vast number of clients of the pursuit and the technology engineers. We provide the most reliable, most economic isolation design and provide professional service as the goal, from the safety isolation, simple in isolation, saving isolation provide comprehensive professional consulting service for the new and old customers. In 2012, Miao Zhen a strategic cooperation agreement with the United States SITIME, become the in the Greater China region level agents.SiTime is a focus on providing a full silicon MEMS clocking scheme to replace the traditional quartz analog semiconductor chip design company, headquartered in Silicon Valley in the United States, market share rate is as high as 85%. In 2014, Miao Zhen in Shenzhen, the establishment of small quantities of customized center, to allow customers to enjoy the benefits brought by the silicon crystal high performance quality, efficiency, service, Miao Zhen will combination of traditional business model and the Internet model, provide a series of silicon crystal customized and procurement services for small and medium-sized enterprises.