SyncMOS Technologies International, Inc. is a Semiconductors company located in East District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Province of China. SyncMOS Technologies, Inc. was officially established on July 01, 2001 with its headquarter located in HsinChu, Taiwan (ROC) and its shareholders consist of Mosel Vitelic Group and its employees. Mosel Vitelic Group (MVG) has been emphasizing its operational strategy on “Vertically Integrating” its IC business, which seamlessly covers every segment of the operations including Marketing & Sales, Product Development, Semiconductor Fab, IC Assembly & Test, and Sub-system & Module etc. Besides focusing on “Vertical Integration”, MVG also intends to broaden its product offering beyond DRAM in order to take the advantage of its manufacturing capability and to capture available market opportunities. In fact, MVG has been aggressively transforming itself into a more diversified corporation, especially with an effort devoted to non-DRAM product developments such as Advanced Flash Technologies and Embedded Flash Techniques. To fully support this diversification, SyncMOS has proudly assumed the responsibility of developing and marketing profitable non-DRAM products. More specifically, SyncMOS product development, initially targeted at the Asia-Pacific region, has been carefully planned to meet the market demand of Taiwans information industry and Chinas vast consumer product industry.