SYNOXO’s headquarter is located in Paris, France, engaged in the design and application of IC (integrated circuit), with a particular focus on the design and development of radio frequency integrated circuits (RF IC). The company is not only a rich experiences in analog and digital circuit design, have more powerful mixed signal IC Design capability. SYNOXO company attaches great importance to product quality, and universities, Research Institute, the industry has a good cooperation, each product must be strictly tested and evaluated through a number of links. SYNOXO believes that the high-end and low-end chips, does not depend on chip applications, customers in each field should be respected, need to be easy to use, reliable, cost-effective chip solution scheme.SYNOXO philosophy is with advanced and mature technology, low frequency users to design and development of a high degree of integration of the chip, so that the user’s application development easy, can help users to reduce development cost, shorten the development cycle, reduce the cost of the complete machine. Adhering to this philosophy, SYNOXO launched ASK/OOK receiver chip is the true meaning of "high frequency antenna AM signal input digital signal output" monolithic receiving device can be widely used in various fields of wireless RF remote control and data transmission.