Light is essential to modern life; it allows us to live our lives to our own rhythms and keeps us happy. LED lighting has inaugurated a revolution – more interaction, new form factors and innovative control systems that lead to a completely new quality of light. RECOM Lighting was founded with the vision of helping the lighting industry to adopt to the lighting revolution. We see LED lighting opportunities today similar to the days when Carl Benz started the automotive revolution some 120 years ago. He turned the concept of the automobile into a working vehicle, but still needed many refinements and technical advances to get a practical, reliable and affordable motor car. RECOM Lighting offers competent advice and products that help accelerate the development of LED lighting solutions into equally practical, reliable and affordable LED lights. RECOM Lighting designs and manufactures lighting solutions, offers LED drivers and supplies component parts to help our customers illuminate almost anything one could think of, from solar powered path lighting in city parks to trains and buses, shopping centres and airports. We continually communicate with and learn from our customers in order to improve our products and services. As technology evolves, we will continually re-evaluate our products and services we offer to our customers. We supply the engines that drive the LED lighting vehicle – dimmable drivers that make lighting systems more efficient, or make the LED lights last longer, or protect our environment. All combined with the commitment and world class support of a true global player!