Shenzhen RuilongYuan Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996 and estabilished its own brand RUILON in 2009 after company’s re-integration . We are a high-tech enterprise which specilizing in component developing,designing,manufacturing and selling.Under the principles of “making operation standardization,making quality internationalization”, we could meet the market demand of domestic and foreign customers depending on high-qualified enterprise team , first-class product quality, mature technology solutions and first-rate services. To make sure the leadership in the field of over voltage and over current protection , we have insisted on making development and business polices at the requirement of a world-class company. Our main products include Gas Discharge Tubes(GDT),Transient Voltage Supressores(TVS),ESD/TVS Arrays,Thyristor Surge Supressors(TSS),Glass Gas Discharge Tubes(GGD),Metal Oxide Varistor(MOV),Positive Thermal Coefficient(PTC) products and lighting protection products,such as lighting protection core. And through using our own components we’d developed series of power ,signal and monitoring surge protective device which obtained many patents.Our products are almost all using the power of the product is an integral part, has been widely used in many areas of communication / security / power / car / solar / appliances / consumer electronics.