The Phoenix Contact brand encompasses our service promise. It bundles together all the facets of our corporate identity, for instance: proximity to the customer, future orientation, innovation, knowledge of the social relevance of everything we do, and all the values that we have lived by for decades together with our customers, partners, and employees. Therefore, our brand means a great deal to us, so we cultivate and protect it. The people of Phoenix Contact as well as our logo and our visual imagery convey this brand. Creativity and enthusiasm are positive and infectious. They are also the foundation for innovation – one of the values that is the basis for how we do business.Innovative developments form a bridge to the future. Thinking ahead is therefore a decisive factor when it comes to our products and solutions, as well as for handling your requirements.Everything we do is aimed at creating enthusiasm and ensuring that you enjoy working with us. And we know that this can only be achieved by providing quality in all areas.We are moving forward. Even in difficult times. We are certain of this, having gained years of experience and enjoyed consistently positive cooperation with our customers. We’re glad to have others join and to grant approval if someone would like to use our logo or images.