Polyptych is a comprehensive group company, covering the field of military products, aerospace, communication, consumer electronics, medical, new energy, environmental protection, automobile industry. With technology and service as the fundamental, science and technology to create a better life for their own responsibility, persistent pursuit, independent research and development, independent innovation, to contribute to human civilization. Poly Tyco Technology Group portfolio includes: thermal management system of comprehensive solutions, conducting series of materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, electromagnetic wave absorbing material, industrial adhesive tape and label materials, precision die-cutting products, ferrite, ten fields such as LED chip, especially in the field of thermal management, is committed to becoming thermal management the world’s most comprehensive solutions experts. We provide thermal management timely and accurate solution for you: including simulation and optimization design of hot products, product mechanical design and sample production and testing, thermal interface materials, radiator products, heat conductive glue and heat conductive film, conductive plastics, conductive gel, refrigeration chip, thermal double-sided adhesive and graphite we would like to be your material. The development of a long-term strategic partnership, your demands for heat conduction, Polytech will be your best choice!