Powercast brings remote, wireless power capability to micro-power devices such as wireless sensors, data loggers, active RFID and RTLS tags, and more. The company’s RF energy harvesting technology breaks new ground in remote, wireless power by increasing the efficiency of converting RF energy (radio waves) into DC power and enabling that efficiency over a wide operating range. With Powercast’s embedded wireless power technology, battery replacement can be reduced or eliminated by trickle charging rechargeable batteries or using super-capacitors and thin-film energy cells. In 2003, a small team set forth to commercialize wireless power based on RF energy. Since then significant intellectual property (IP) has been created around the transmission, reception, and conversion of radio waves for providing power, along with associated applications. Today, Powercast is bringing wireless micro-power solutions to market that enable wireless sensors and other devices to be remotely and automatically charged. Powercast’s continuing mission is to increase the range and efficiency by which RF energy is converted into DC power, which can be harvesting from ambient and dedicated sources. In addition the company will provide transmitter devices and modules which, in conjunction with RF Powerharvester modules, enable OEMs/ODMs to create predictable end-to-end wireless power solutions for their micro-power applications.