Founded in 1881, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Ever true to its enterprising spirit, OKI had its beginnings as Japan’s first domestic manufacturer of telephones shortly after the Meiji Restoration. Since then, we have continued to take the lead in communications technology and infrastructure development by responding to the ever-changing needs of society at all times; from the phone that conveys sound, printing technology (teletypewriter) to convey text, facsimile technology that sends images, and to video technologies. In the late 1960s, OKI has stood at the forefront of technology innovation in tune with rapid advances in computer technology, bringing to market a succession of innovative online terminal systems. With the increasingly widespread use of computers, and growing demand for paper output, OKI then leveraged its capabilities in printing technology development to cultivate the global dot impact printer markets. Today, OKI boasts a broad product lineup encompassing unique LED monochrome and color printers and a customer base spanning all corners of the globe. Backed by an unwavering enthusiasm since its inception to take on new challenges in unknown fields, the OKI Group has remained committed to its overarching corporate philosophy: "The people of OKI, true to the company’s enterprising spirit, are committed to creating superior network solutions and providing excellent information and communications services globally to meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide in the information age." OKI has continued to contribute to the society through the application of its integrated sales and marketing, technology development, production and maintenance platform. Grasping society’s needs through precise marketing, the Group channels this information into its elemental technology research and development activities. Innovative R&D is the wellspring of products that are manufactured in a timely and efficient manner and to a quality that satisfies the most discerning of customers. Recognizing the need to both retain and expand its customer base, OKI constantly strives to bolster its sales and maintenance capabilities with the aim of ensuring enduring peace of mind. On the domestic front, OKI plays an important role in the creation, development and maintenance of social infrastructure. The Company’s product lineup includes telecommunication infrastructure for carriers, bank branch systems for financial institutions, automated teller machines (ATM) ticket issuing, check-in process and other public systems. Overseas, OKI’s ATMs are gradually gaining a strong foothold in China as components of one of many systems integral to people’s daily lives. In an era of increasing globalization, and in an effort to ensure competitive advantage, the Company will continue to refine its technological capabilities and seek out new opportunities and challenges while delivering products that excel on the world stage. Today’s global economy is undergoing a period of unprecedented volatility and change. Japan is certainly no exception. However, no matter what the circumstances of each individual era, there is a never-ending stream of customer demands that continue to generate a wealth of new business opportunities. Adhering to its "customer-first" philosophy, OKI will work tirelessly to provide superior products that consistently surpass market expectations. While striving for the highest quality, we will place considerable emphasis on delivering customer peace of mind. With a history that now spans 130 years, OKI will uphold its long-standing tradition as a company defined by its integrity and reliability, and boldly seek the next challenge in its ongoing development and growth. Guided by its brand statement, "Open up your dreams," OKI will diligently strive to realize the visions and hopes of all stakeholders, to become the preferred global partner of choice, and achieve continuous growth.. As the Company works toward achieving these goals, I ask for your continued support and understanding.