New Japan Radio Co.,Ltd. was founded in September 8 ,1959.New Japan Radio group has been offering the products based on Microelectronic and Microwave technologies for nearly a half-century. Microelectronic technologies accumulated over the years lead to the semiconductor products. But now, our products are not only the semiconductor products, because, since FY2013, we tried to produce the new products which we had not produced under the slogan of ”FORWARD20”. And we changed the segment name “Semiconductors” to “Electronic devices”, to use our Microelectronic technologies for the all-round Electronic devices on April 1, 2014. “FORWARD20” came out in FY2013, new business such as MEMS business and SAW business were expanded largely, and “FORWARD20” contributed to the increase both in sales and profits. And we’ve heard the needs from the customers which we had not contacted before we tried “FORWARD20”, and that gives us the possibilities of making new business. We will produce our products which are not limited in the semiconductor, timely by using our manufacturing technics cultivated for years. And more, we are also trying “FORWARD20” program in the other segments which is based on Microwave technologies to continue and move FORWARD. In order to sustain the growth, we will continue to challenge new things. New Japan Radio group will continue to endeavor to live up to your expectations.