NKK Switches designs, produces and sells the industry’s most extensive selection of electromechanical switches, setting the standard for quality, stability and reliability in switch solutions. NKK provides a full suite of customizable solutions that include design, programming and value-added support by combining flexibility, like Switches, Electromechanics, OLED Pushbuttons, Toggles, Rockers, Slides, Tactiles, Rotaries, Keylocks, Illuminated Pushbuttons, Surface Mounts, Touch Screens, OLED & LCD Programmables, Membrane Keypads, DIP Switches, Tilt Switches, Customizable Solutions, Indicators,expertise and a commitment to our partners’ success. NKK’s switches turn on millions of products around the world every day by offering more than 3.5 million different toggle, rocker, pushbutton, slide, rotary and keylock switches to illuminated, process-sealed, miniature, specialty, surface-mount and programmable switch devices.