MaxLinear is a place where people excel at solving real world problems and challenges in unique ways. We are a company where new ideas germinate and take root when passionate, intelligent, and highly inspired people work together. At MaxLinear we provide an environment for experimentation, innovation and collaboration. We foster an entrepreneurial approach that is forward-looking, nimble and unconventional – and we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. Our team is unflappable in the face of audacious goals and challenges. Founded in Sept. 2003 by 8 veterans of the semiconductor industry, MaxLinear was bootstrapped utilizing revenues generated through consulting projects. Subsequently, in Nov. 2004, MaxLinear secured Series-A venture financing upon the completion of its first prototype silicon television tuner in CMOS technology. At the very inception, MaxLinear recognized the benefits of CMOS IC technology over exotic SiGe and GaAs technology for broadband RF ICs, in a contradiction of conventional wisdom. MaxLinear developed the first digital CMOS television tuner in 2005, and began shipping the first of its CMOS tuners in October, 2006. In early 2007, MaxLinear marked another major milestone when started shipping the world’s smallest silicon TV tuner. By continuously improving and excelling in our CMOS-based RF and mixed signal IC processing techniques, MaxLinear endeavors to stay at the forefront of communications IC technology. As a result, we deliver IC products that consume the lowest power, have the smallest size and superior performance that results in highly differentiated customer platform solutions. MaxLinear is the first company to deliver the triumvirate of best performance, lowest power and smallest size, in its TV tuner solutions enabling television on devices ranging from mobile phones and computers to set-top boxes and automobiles. . MaxLinear - We envision, empower and excel in all that we do!