For over a decade, our customers in the automotive electronics market have inspired us to create, manufacture and deliver advanced Mixed Signal semiconductors, sensor ICs, and programmable sensor IC systems. Through the stringent quality expectations, hostile operating conditions and aggressive economic targets demanded by our automotive customers, Melexis has developed the capability to produce world class, value driven, innovative products. Industry leading innovation in programmable sensors, sensor interface devices and microcontrollers provide our customers with competitive advantage in system cost, capability and flexibility. Foremost Melexis designs and develops for automotive electronics systems. Today nearly all automobile brands worldwide rely on Melexis ICs to safely, efficiently and comfortably convey passengers and goods. The growth in the electronic content of automobiles worldwide continues to demand increasingly capable ICs and IC sensors. The quality and reliability focus required to serve the automotive market has resulted in Melexis achieving certification to the newest, most demanding internationally recognized Quality Standard, ISO/TS16949. Melexis has an integrated Management System in place, into which all quality, environmental and safety management procedures are completely implemented. Following the motto "Quality Is Our Business" the Management System is continuously developed and optimized. Specific Quality Improvement programs support the clear understanding of our Quality Policy as well as our Quality philosophy "Zero Defect through Prevention". The effectiveness of Melexis’ Management system was approved with successful certifications by DQS (German certification body for management systems ). The Melexis Management system, the processes and their procedures and practice fulfill the requirements of the international automobile manufacturer according to ISO/ TS 16949:2002. In addition the certification body also confirmed the fulfillment of the semiconductor specific requirements acc. to ISO/ TS 16949 Semiconductor Commodity. The environmental management, as well as safety management procedures are integrated elements of the management system. They fulfill completely the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.