Shnzhen Jing Chuang He Li Technology Co. Ltd. is a ten-year old private company, engaging in the technological research and development, producing, marketing, and distributing of the professional electronic components. The plant is located in time-honored Nan Yang in He Nan Province, and the headquarters are in Shen Zhen on the coastal line of the China’s reform and opening up. The company is dedicated to the development, production and sales of the sensitive components and optical components, including photosensitive resistors, thermistors, light sensors, pyroelectric infrared sensors, infrared sensor IC, Fresnel lenses, filters, optical lenses and other specifications. The product is of a wide variety and of excellent quality. Based on the principle of "quality first, customer first", the company reforms and innovates continuously, doing our best to fulfill both the need of domestic and international customers with excellent quality, sincerely integrity and best service.