HTC brings brilliance to life through leading innovation in smart mobile device and experience design. Beginning with a vision to put a personal computer in the palm of our customers’ hands, we have led the way in the evolution from palm PC to smartphone. The Pursuit of Brilliance is at the heart of everything we do, inspiring best-in-class design and game-changing mobile experiences for consumers around the world. At HTC, the Pursuit of Brilliance is the impulse to create, to venture into the unknown with an unwavering dedication to bring innovative design to life. It pushes us everyday to re-imagine new ways to connect the world, our consumers, and their pursuits in ways never before thought possible. At HTC, we go where others haven’t thought to. Breaking down barriers and creating industry firsts is a large part of our history, which is why HTC has become synonymous with innovation, engineering breakthroughs, and designing the future of human communications as we continue to expand into uncharted product territories. Strong character is at our core. Award-winning vision requires taking risks and challenging convention. From the very beginning, resilience has been at the heart of our creative spirit. To this day, we stay committed to our pursuit, believing that the greatest ideas transcend temporary recognition: they influence behavior, shape lives, and inspire new thinking. HTC takes a broader approach to serving society and making life better. We believe that we can make more of a difference looking beyond the obvious, reaching out to people and enabling them to make a difference, and in improving the way we do things. In early 2014, we launched HTC Power To Give™. By combining all of the computing power at the fingertips of smartphone users and connecting them to international research projects and institutes, Power To Give™ creates one of the world’s largest supercomputers to advance research on ecological and environmental issues, and to help find cures for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Our strengths in design are not limited to creating great looking hardware. Our standards extend to our manufacturing processes, as well. That’s why our factories are among the most environmentally responsible in the world, and why our offices have earned global acclaim, setting the gold standard in energy efficiency. We have also expanded our environmental initiatives to shape the entire customer experience. Our product packaging is 100% biodegradable, and the HTC One (M7) was the first smartphone in the world built to international specifications of complete carbon footprint and lifecycle assessments. That’s an industry first we’re proud of. At HTC, we do all of these things in the knowledge that we’re always creating for the future. To that end, we realize that bringing the future to life ultimately rests in the hands of our youth. Through the HTC Foundation and our Summer Family Camp we provide humanitarian and social support to those most in need while also assisting in the teaching and development of a strong sense of character and social values in youth. We believe that the future is for everyone, which is why we strive to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be part of the next generation of leaders and visionaries.