As part of our efforts to improve our global competitiveness, SK hynix has concentrated on profit-oriented management and quality growth. With management performance achieving record high levels of growth for 2 years in a row, SK hynix has positioned itself as a leading memory semiconductor company. SK hynix also plans to become a ‘Leading Semiconductor Solution Company’ based on our overall competitiveness. As technology reaches its physical limits, the need for micro process conversion and mass production, which are elements of the core competitiveness of the industry, is increasing. In addition, customer demands are becoming more sophisticated and diversified as IT environments become increasingly complex.SK hynix will never cease to innovate and secure new technology, and is pursuing customer-centered management to become the leading company in markets with this new paradigm. As the business environments of the semiconductor industry are rapidly changing, we are surrounded by the uncertainties of the global macro-economy. But SK hynix is ready to prepare for the future, as we have already overcome many difficulties and many challenging situations. In particular, as a leader in the memory semiconductor industry, SK hynix will secure competitiveness with the most advanced DRAM and NAND Flash business, and with new plants that are scheduled for completion this year. We are also dedicated to the growth of our non-memory businesses, including CIS. SK hynix will continue to push forward based on our “SUPEX Spirit,” which aims for the happiness of all our members, customers and partners. Your attention and support will be a great encouragement to us. We look forward to sharing the future with you.