The predecessor of Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. is Deca Deca Shenzhen Smart Card Co., Ltd., was established in 1999. Deka technology is a commitment to smart card applications, smart card reading and writing machines as the core, in the smart card reading and writing machines of the R & D, design, production of high-tech business entities. Deka Technology has developed into one of the largest domestic supplier of readers, the company’s products in the fields of finance, telecommunications, mobile, business, insurance, transportation, education, etc. are widely used. Deka technology focused on technology development and innovation, with a number of national patents. Introduces World’s First USB interface hassel type reader; domestic first meet the PC / SC, CCID specification reader; developed the first set of magnetic cards, radio frequency card, IC card and PIN pad multifunctional card equipment. Deca science and technology while maintaining the advantages of technology and services, and strive to make our products quality and standard to new heights, have the ability to more specialized industrial applications to provide more and higher-quality products and services.