Chingis Technology Corporation, founded in 1995, is a pioneer in the development of PMOS Nonvolatile Memory Technology and has two Business Units, pFlash and pFusion. pFlash Business Unit designs and manufactures industry standard NOR flash products, while pFusion Business Unit licenses embedded non-volatile-memory solutions and provides relevant services such as technical consultation in design and manufacturing of embedded memory products to foundries, IDMs and fab-less design companies for the production of micro-controllers (MCU), SoC and various IC cards in such wide applications as digital consumer, computer peripheral, wireless communication, networking, industrial control, etc. Both pFlash and pFusion Business Units offer the best endurance performance in the industry, 20 years of retention after 200K cycling, and world-class shipping quality of less than 4 ppm. The patented 2-transistor (2T) PMOS band-to-band-tunnel (BTBT) programming mechanism enables superior performance, small chip size and minimum test time. In addition, the flash cell applies the conventional ETOX-like structure which is simple to fabricate and easy to scale. Under the pFusion unified platform, there are e²Flash and e²Login. e²Flash uses double-poly logic compatible process for higher density embedded applications and e²Logic is single-poly logic process without additional masking layer for low density embedded Flash applications. Chingis Technology Corporation has over 60 patents in product design, device engineering and technology for pFlash and pFusion.