Products registered trademark "Chi-yu" brand. Zhongshan City, Chi-Yu Electronic Development Co., Ltd. under the Shenzhen Branch Longgang branch offices, town offices, Dongfeng marketing center, and owned Jiangxi Province, Zhongshan two production base, plant area of 42,000 square meters, 500 production staff people, marketing staff of 120 people. Strong technical force, advanced equipment, improve the production process, a total resistance of professional automatic production line 36, to produce various types of resistors 2.8 billion, the production of complete resistance specifications, wide variety. The main products are: carbon film resistors, oxide film resistors, metal film resistors, wirewound resistors, pulse resistors, insurance resistors, cement resistance, at the same time to produce common, high-grade, precision, copper feet, iron feet, bulk, loaded and various power resistors, and in accordance with user requirements and production of special resistance, resistance is one of the major producers.