The field in which Citizen Finedevice will demonstrate its capabilities is that of functional parts whose requirements are compact precision, high accuracy and high definition. And I consider that our mission is to continue to offer high-added-value microdevice products by making use of the original technology that we have built up over a considerable time. We have supplied customers with small, high-precision parts over many years by developing original complete production lines from process design to machining to assembly to functional testing, and our own processing machinery, drawing on metal processing technology for generating small precision parts that has its roots in watchmaking. We have made active efforts to reduce costs and this allows us to provide extremely economical products with high reliability. Mass producing parts made with brittle materials to high precision and with high efficiency is also a core technology of our company. By fusing materials technology with ultra-precision machining technology, thin-film technology and joining technology, we have created not only high-precision parts made of ceramics, crystal and so on, but also high-quality functional device products including liquid crystal devices and sensing devices. Ferroelectric liquid crystal microdisplay that use L-COS (liquid crystal on silicon) are already being incorporated into high-quality cameras, and they have been acclaimed. Looking ahead, there is considerable scope for incorporation in next-generation display systems including vehicle-mounted head-up displays and head-mounted displays. We are also making progress with the development of combustion pressure sensors using piezoelectric material, targeting incorporation into automobile engines as green products that make exhaust gas cleaner and increase fuel efficiency, with a view to making a further contribution to the automobile industry. The big dream of our employees is to keep providing products with high added value to the market. Working toward realizing that dream, we will continue to contribute to the creation of new values through manufacturing that is driven by the challenging spirit of each individual.