Connect One™ is a leading fabless semiconductor company that provides value-added solutions for connecting devices to the Internet and other IP-based networks. Our field-proven embedded chips, embedded device servers, and external serial device servers enable manufacturers of any kind of non-PC device to easily, quickly and cost-effectively add IP connectivity to new and existing devices. We provide you with unequaled solutions and support at every step in your project, from concept and design through mass deployment. Connect One’s iChipNet platform is made up of several building blocks, designed to help IoT product designers to get to market quickly and easily. iChipNet platform is unique because it provides the hardware, software and services required to deploy and manage an IoT application, all under one roof. The hardware provided is the same hardware used in mass market M2M applications, therefore bringing down the price point of the IoT product to a reasonable level. Using an example application can illustrate how iChipNet building blocks are used. The example below is a connected power socket, designed to control the on/off power of any appliance or product.