ACARD Technology Corp., a global leading provider of storage solutions was founded on September 19, 1996. Since establishment, ACARD has been engaged in IC design and Storage solutions. In the expertise of IDE, SATA and SCSI, ACARD has developed core technologies that benefits our clients with our known high robust reputation. In the philosophy of being a trustworthy supplier, and a quality product provider our company continues to grow annually. ACARD stocks have been officially listed in the OTC market on December 6, 2004 (code: 3126). To cooperate with more worldwide customers, ACARD has been certified by DUNS in 2008. Technical Innovation ACARD devotes its dynamism to the development of leading edge technology. ACARD’s R&D capabilities include IC Design (Analog, Digital and Mix Mode design), BIOS/Driver/AP design, and system integration. Since 1999 ACARD has been more assertive in developing & supporting various critical applications/platforms technologies. Based on our IC design/development, ACARD has individualized key technologies for IC design, integration, software & hardware application. Without a doubt, our SCSIDE technology—SCSI-to-IDE, SATA Bridges—is the unsurpassed proof of ACARD’s innovations. The core chip (SCSIDE engine) is created with the latest advanced technology which integrates a SCSI core, an IDE core and a CPU core all in one chip. Through this innovation, a user can convert a low-cost device for IDE, SATA interface to complement a high-performance SCSI interface, thus allowing your system operation to be enhanced. ACARD also supports and offers various corporations with a broad line of controller chips, SCSI/SATA/IDE RAID controllers, SCSI-to-IDE/SATA converters, CD/DVD duplicators, RAID subsystems, NAS, external storage for DVR and CD/DVD recording software. Our branding partners include various firms, such as, IBM, HP, Nokia, etc. ACARD’s products are marketed to PC, Macintosh users and OEM customers worldwide. ACARD is committed to provide the finest compatible / reliable products, in addition, to immediate logistics & competitive pricing. Administrative information: Employees:63(2015) Operational Goals: • To innovate on research & development • To specialize and persist • To achieve high quality standard • To service with sincere and harmony • To grow steady Milestones 2009- • ACARD’s RAM Disk won the Taiwan Symbol of Excellence • ACARD’s Mirror Smart for IPC won the Taiwan Symbol of Excellence • The First All-Series 1-3(4)/1-5(6)/1-7(8), All-port Native SATA Copy Controller on Earth • World’s First 1-to-All Native SATA Optical Drive Backup Controller 2008- • ACARD’s brand-new 16-channel DVR Solution is to be released • ACARD’s New DDR2 Dynamic SSD Uses Less Energy, Gives More Performance • World’s First 1-to-30 SATA DVD Duplicator • World’s First SATA Blu-ray ODD Duplicator 2007- • ACARD Technology Corporation is the winner of the “Outstanding Creative Award of Source Software Design” at the Golden Penguin Trophy Competition IV, for Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Macao. • ACARD Technology Corporation presented the world’s first SATA Interface Duplicator. • ACARD Technology Corporation presented the world’s first SATA 3G Bridge. 2006- • Launched 「ARC-2018E」External Ultra 160 Mirror Smart with LCD • Launched 「ARC-2018」Internal Ultra 160 Mirror Smart with LCD • ACARD will receive the Linux Golden Penguin Award 2006 on August 1st. • ACARDs RAID Box Won the Symbol of Excellence 2005 - • ACARD Technology won the Linux Golden Penguin Award • Launched 「ARC-2039」1-to-9 DVD Ultra Speed Copy Duplicator • Launched 「ARC-2033N」1-to-N DVD Ultra Speed Copy Duplicator • Launched 「ARC-3031」External Data Storage for DVR • ACARD won the Best Software Design Award in Golden Penguin Competition around Taiwan, China and HK. 2004 - • ACARD Technology announced its IPO on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. • Awarded 13th National Award of Small and Medium Enterprise. • Awarded 7th Rising Star Award. • Possessed IC products:10Gigabit Ethernet, AMC-600 1-CH 3.125Gbps SerDes, AMC-610 4-CH 3.125Gbps XAUI PHY • Launched 「AEC-6897」4-Channel PCI-to-IDE RAID 5 Adapter • Launched 2-channel Ultra 160 SCSI Adapter for PC and MAC • Launched 「ARS-2017E」 external Ultra160 with LCD • Launched 「ARS-3020」 Ultra160 SCSI-to-IDE JBOD • Launched 「ARS-2030T」 the first 1-to-3 DVD Copy controller supporting 16x 2003- • Certified by ISO9001. • Awarded 2003 Taiwan’s Symbol of Excellence with PCI ATA-133 IDE • RAID Adapter, LVD SCSIDE Bridge series, ANS-6000(NAS), and Ha! CD Burner(+DVD). • Awarded Taiwan PC DIY Magazine Editor’s Choice with AEC-6885 and SCSIDE Bridge series. • Awarded 10th Innovation Research Award with SCSIDE LVD Brdige. • Awarded Good Design Product with ANS-6000 and Mirror Smart Plus ARS-2016E/ARS-2012PEL. • Launched Serial ATA Adapters and SATA-to-IDE Converter. • Launched PCI Ultra ATA-133 64-bit 66MHz 4-CH IDE Chip of ATP-867. • Launched Ultra320 Multi-mode LVD/SE SCSI Terminator of AMC-210. • Launched SATA-to-IDE Bridge controller chip of ARC-770. • Launched Ultra160 Mirror Smart of ARS-2016/E(RAID subsystem). • Launched ATA-133 4-CH RAID Card for PC and MAC. 2002- • Awarded 2002 SBIR (Star Business Is Rising) with ARS-1012P series. • Awarded 2001 Taiwan Symbol of Excellence with Mirror Smart Plus series. • Launched Disk Box(external storage device for DVR). • Launched ANS-6000(NAS). • Introduced the outstanding SCSI chip ATP-876. 2001- • Awarded French PC Expert’s Excellence Technique with ARC-760. • Produced RAID AHARD RAID66 for Mac OS X, the first one on global. • Developed Ultra ATA-133 IDE RAID products with Maxtor. 2000- • Launched Mirror Smart (RAID subsystem). • Produced TEMPO 66 for PowerMac with Sonnet. 1997- • Moved to the purchased factory in Taipei Technology City as ACARD’s headquarters. • 1. IC: ULTRA ATP850U, ATP850UF • 2. Developed Micro controller & RTOS, and I2O, USB products • 3. Introduced SCSIDE ARC760 SCSI-to-IDE Bridge, the first one on global • 4. Launched Ultra DMA 66 IDE Chip ATP860, and obtained a large share on MAC market • 5. Launched SCSIDE Bridges adapters • 6. Launched Copy Smart series(CD/DVD duplicator controller) 1996- • ACARD Technology Corp. founded with focus on SCSI development and IC design: • 1. IC: Intelligent SCSI Single Chip-ATP9200/COMBO SCSI and IDE Cache Chip/PCI and VL-BUS IDE Cache (RAID) Chip-ATP8400/PCI Master IDE Chip-ATP850A/ULTRA SCSI Chip-ATP870IU/ULTRA-WIDE SCSI Chip-ATP870UW • 2. SCSI Adapter: AEC-1710S